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Product Code : 859959007123


Mfg Item #: 556LFSPSS20

Achieving unheard of velocity for a tactical 223 Remington cartridge was the challenge. The solution: the new NovX high-nickel stainless steel case; the most lightweight effective efficient case ever producing an unrivaled 4120 fps with dramatically reduced recoil for training and close-quarters self-defense. Lubricity of stainless case allows faster flawless cleaner performance. Copper/poly projectile penetrates car doors and glass while being smart enough to shatter on hardened surfaces to prevent ricochet. For barrels with 1 in 7 to 1 in 12 rate of twist. - For close quarters self-defense competition and training - Stainless case delivers strength power alignment and less weight - Spire Point projectile creates devastating wound channels - Flies fast less felt recoil faster target reacquisition - Faster cycling and reduced bore fouling - Cartridge: 223 Remington - Quantity: 20 Round - Grain Weight: 35 Grains - Muzzle Velocity: 4120 Feet Per Second - Muzzle Energy: 1318 Foot Pounds - Bullet Style: Frangible Round Nose

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